Christmas Student Tips


It’s Christmas 🎄

Have a great time in the party season, enjoy the socialising and the festivities on offer, have fun, but be sensible not vulnerable!!!

A reminder of a few points to help you to stay safe and return in January rested, refreshed and ready to begin the new term!

If you’re going out partying, have something to eat to line your stomach.

Don’t be pressurised into drinking more than you want, be aware of your own limits and stick to these. Longer drinks generally have a lesser concentration of alcohol than shots and short drinks and try interspersing these with soft drinks. Don’t ever leave your drink unattended, if you do, don’t drink it and order a replacement.

Charge the battery on your phone before leaving and make sure you have emergency contact numbers.

Keep your keys somewhere safe.

Try to stay with friends and have someone to travel with/share a taxi home. Set up a meeting place in the event you get separated

Keep some money in reserve in case of emergencies, at least enough to cover your full taxi fare if you find yourself alone or others have run out of money.

If you are travelling home for Xmas, remember to secure your accommodation and lock valuables away. Don’t publicise on social media when you are out/away and your accommodation is empty.

Finally, we all hope here at A2B Assessments that you have an amazing Xmas and a wonderful new year!!!

Happy Holidays,

The A2B Team

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