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  • "Highly Recommend. It was a relaxed, and chill environment. Very comforting. My assessor listened, and asked questions respectfully. It didn't feel rushed or forced. Not stressful at all. It was just having a good informal conversation about support I needed. For someone that struggles with social anxiety I didn't feel anxious with my assessor at all. I felt quite calm, and the assessor was very friendly, and professional, and I ended up having a good time."

  • "Very quick response to my email to set up an appointment, in fact I was able to get an appointment the following day! The assessment itself was a smooth process: friendly, approachable and professional assessor who had a lot of insight into my educational needs. The turn around in the writing and sending of the report was also fast. Many thanks, it was a great service"

  • "The whole process was handled extremely well. Swift response and I was always able to speak to a human being at the other end of the line rather than an answerphone service. The interview process was relaxed and enjoyable and the assessor made numerous valuable suggestions regarding help available, and the ways in which different products could be helpful. The report was received quickly and was very thorough and comprehensive."

  • "First of all A2B's customer service is excellent. The assessor was very understanding and compassionate, she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. She explained everything really well and in detail. With all the recommendations, studying for a degree is less daunting. Thank you very much for your help A2B."

  • "The best of best assessors I have ever come across. Thanks to my assessor, he understood my needs and also ensured that I receive all the necessary support for my studies."

  • "Very kind and caring staff, really listened to how problems affected me personally and took great care to make me feel comfortable. Went above and beyond what was needed of them."

  • "Excellent staff. I really liked the way how I was treated and the assessment was carried out very well taking into account all my needs. I can only thank Ed and his excellent staff!"

  • "A2B were very prompt in contacting me to set up an appointment. The assessment was thorough and interesting and the assessor had a good knowledge of all the products recommended, making sure I understood how they worked and the process of the assessment. Highly recommend. Thanks A2B!"

  • “Very friendly, helpful... customer service was excellent... I felt like I had known the assessor for a very long time... I will refer anyone to A2B as the service cannot be compared.”

  • "I was made to feel really comfortable and at ease - something that often feels forced by such meetings, but could both relate to and trust who I was speaking with. Helpful suggestions for my help also provided."

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