• "The best of best assessors I have ever come across. Thanks to my assessor, he understood my needs and also ensured that I receive all the necessary support for my studies."

  • "First of all A2B's customer service is excellent. The assessor was very understanding and compassionate, she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. She explained everything really well and in detail. With all the recommendations, studying for a degree is less daunting. Thank you very much for your help A2B."

    GSM London Student
  • "Very quick response to my email to set up an appointment, in fact I was able to get an appointment the following day! The assessment itself was a smooth process: friendly, approachable and professional assessor who had a lot of insight into my educational needs. The turn around in the writing and sending of the report was also fast. Many thanks, it was a great service"

    King's College London Student
  • "Highly Recommend. It was a relaxed, and chill environment. Very comforting. My assessor listened, and asked questions respectfully. It didn't feel rushed or forced. Not stressful at all. It was just having a good informal conversation about support I needed. For someone that struggles with social anxiety I didn't feel anxious with my assessor at all. I felt quite calm, and the assessor was very friendly, and professional, and I ended up having a good time."

  • "The whole process was handled extremely well. Swift response and I was always able to speak to a human being at the other end of the line rather than an answerphone service. The interview process was relaxed and enjoyable and the assessor (Alex Blue) made numerous valuable suggestions regarding help available, and the ways in which different products could be helpful. The report was received quickly and was very thorough and comprehensive."

  • "Very helpful and understanding staff with a lot of solutions to problems I was facing with my studies. Would definitely recommend this centre for being reviewed at."

  • "I was nervous going at first going for the assessment however, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable by the assessor. The process was explained carefully and I was always fully informed throughout the interview. My assessor listened carefully and explained thoroughly all the options available for me. I would like to thank you for helping someone like myself who suffers from a disability to identity what it is I need to help me with my studies. Thank you."

    Aberystwyth University Student
  • "My assessment with the team at A2B Assessment Centre was excellent. They make me feel relaxed and comfortable in their environment as they carry out the assessment."

  • "I have no complaints, my assessor put me at ease, gave me time and space to formulate my responses. She was also able to answer my questions in a professional and friendly manner."

  • "The Assessor I saw spent a long time talking to me and made suggestions for equipment and applications that improved my study skills and gave me the confidence to do the course I am doing. I was given a mentor but I think I should have been given a study skills adviser but due to my illness, I wasn't able to apply for that particular adviser. Which I feel is unfair as it would have been more suited to my actual needs."

  • "Sheena was incredibly friendly and professional throughout my assessment. She made me feel completely comfortable when asking personal or difficult questions and I was able to get the most out of the experience.I came away feeling that I had been listened to and that I was in the best position for supporting myself through my studies."

    St. George's University of London Student
  • "The assessor was very helpful and thorough throughout and made sure I understood what he was saying and broke it down to a level I understood."

  • "Was reviewed by Teddy. Really empathetic and understanding. Process was well managed and quick."

  • "The assessor was very thorough and sympathetic and I was really happy with the recommendations they made for assistive software and training."

  • "Very easy to arrange and quick to respond to questions and queries. All staff members were friendly and helpful."

  • "My Assessor Sean was most helpful, he made me feel so at ease and it did help that he knew about my disability."

  • "Staff member was very friendly and explained everything well. Report was sent quickly and I am getting my equipment way faster than I was expecting."

  • "The assessor was really nice, the assessment was a breeze, I understood everything clearly and he showed me all the software's. The only trouble I had was finding the building itself, maybe it could be sign posted a little more. However, I rang the number on the email and they were really kind and sent my assessor down immediately to retrieve me so I wasn't even late despite being a bit lost."

  • "The assessor made the assessment feel very relaxed, and went through the assessment at steady pace explaining every aspect. He was very engaging and understanding to my needs which helped with the assessment."

  • "I had a positive experience here. The assessor I had, Alex, was very helpful and made me feel at ease."

  • "Excellent service i felt very comfortable, the staff are very helpful and understanding thank you very much for your support"

  • "James could not have been any more calming and helpful! Thank you so very much!"

  • "Charlie was incredibly helpful during my assessment, I had just received my dyslexic and dyspraxia diagnosis and had felt a little hesitant about what the future may hold."

  • "Services received on the day met my expectation. Initially, I was very nervous not knowing what to expect at the session but Charlie, the assessor was so polite and professional, I felt so relaxed throughout the session. I will recommend A2B assessment centre to anyone who needs the support."

  • "I found the whole experience with A2B great and really helpful advice. They made me feel totally relaxed and explained all my questions clearly with a good amount of detail. It was all a very new experience for me which they totally empathised with and listened to all my concerns. Thank you very much A2B for showing me that there is so much software out there to help make me make the most of my postgrad course."

  • "The whole experience at A2B was brilliant. They were easy to reach via phone and email and booking the session was easy and hassle free and they had great availability! I had a really great assessor who took the time to explain everything thoroughly and to get to know me as a whole before making any suggestions as to support I may need. The report was sent out to me and the funding body quickly too. Overall a great centre!"

  • "I called 8 assessment centre, didn't get any call back. I was going to get back to DSA to inform them of the situation, decided to search for more centres, came across A2B left a message, I was called back immediately by these friendly, very helpful Adviser, met with the assessor at A2B assessment centre. Very friendly, helpful, fantastic, customer services was excellent, the most important thing was I felt like have known the assessor for a very long time, that was how he made me feel as his excellent service just made me feel welcome and I felt I could talk to him without thinking otherwise. I will refer anyone to A2B as the service can not be compared. Thank you am very happy with my support."

  • "A2B were very prompt in contacting me to set up an appointment. The assessment was thorough and interesting and the assessor had a good knowledge of all the products recommended, making sure I understood how they worked and the process of the assessment. Highly recommend. Thanks A2B!"

  • "As a mature student who had never had a needs assessment before, I found A2B were incredible! They had a fantastic assessment style - the session felt relaxed and friendly the entire time, whilst still accurately capturing exactly what my needs were and what support was best for me. Plus they were also incredibly accommodating in fitting around my busy and inconvenient schedule! Top service, cannot recommend highly enough!"

    Goldsmith's University Student
  • "A2B were very prompt in contacting me to set up an appointment. The assessment was thorough and interesting and the assessor had a good knowledge of all the products recommended, making sure I understood how they worked and the process of the assessment. Highly recommend. Thanks A2B!"

  • "Friendly staff, extremely nice office and waiting room. Assessment was fast and efficient."

  • "Was made to feel really comfortable and at ease - something that often feels forced by such meetings, but could both relate to and trust who I was speaking with. Helpful suggestions for my help also provided."

  • "The assessor 'Nathan' was great. The programs and applications available to help me was well explained. The next stages of my application for DSA was explained and any questions i had was answered. Overall a great assessment centre with knowledgable and enthusiastic staff, would highly recommend."

  • "He was very friendly and listened to what i had to say, he was very easy to open up to."

  • "Overall you guys have been really helpful in terms of providing me with the help i need in university lectures and have also provided me assistance in my accommodation with stuff like a printer, laptop etc. Thanks so much."

  • "Friendly and professional. Swift responses to all concerns, would recommend for all students looking to go through this process."

  • "Excellent staff. I really liked the way how I was treated and the assessment was carried out very well taking into account all my needs. I can only thank Ed and his excellent staff!"

  • "Everything went smoothly, the reviewer managed to get a good understanding of my condition and suggested potential solutions which I had not thought of previously. The process went quickly, within a few weeks we had been approved by student finance and I am now completing the process and finding which services I may require. The white building was very welcoming and the staff were friendly. All in all, it was a fast and productive process and I am pleased with the results."

  • "Superb! Ed and Nathan were very friendly and made me feel very welcome. Although they had a job to do, they did it with a smile on there faces with a sense of humour. I would recommend anyone to get there assessment done with A2B!"

  • "Nathan was absolutely fantastic. Endometriosis isn't the best topic for a guy to sit and talk through, but he was very professional and understanding. It's actually one of the few times I've felt as though someone is really listening to me about my condition and what living with it means. I couldn't fault Nathan or the service and am extremely grateful for all your help and support! Thanks again!! Laura."

  • "From start to finish the team were very helpful. Jonny was very understanding of my needs and gave many different useful tools to help support me through my course. Highly recommended as a agent to go through for Dyslexia support."

  • "Edward was really helpful with all the equipment I could get for me to facilitate my studies. He showed me loads of things that I still did not know I could use to improve my learning."

  • "Very helpful, timely and friendly service. Edward helped every step of the way and responded to all of my questions efficiently and quickly. Thank you! I would definitely recommend."

  • "Very good service at all times!"

  • "Everything was explained well and the assessors were easy to talk to."

  • "Very efficient and on time, assessor really understood my needs."

  • "Very kind and caring staff, really listened to how problems affected me personally and took great care to make me feel comfortable. Went above and beyond what was needed of them."

    Cardiff University Student
  • "An amazing service provided . they believe breaking barriers to learning for people with disabilities can be done. they are a gateway for people who needs that special support to make a big difference for people with a disability's future ."

    Kingston University Student
  • "Helpful and reassuring."

    King's College London Student
  • "The service was great"

    Dundee University Student

    GSM London Student
  • "Issac was really friendly and made me feel comfortable before we talked. He made the assessment stress-free and he made suggestions for help that I didn't even know existed. Thank you."

  • "great"

    University of East London Student
  • "Excellent."

  • "Very helpful and understanding staff with a lot of solutions to problems I was facing with my studies. Would definitely recommend this centre for being reviewed at."

  • "very professional yet comfortable assessment with understanding and empathetic staff. so grateful for all A2B’s help with getting my DSA for student finance sorted out!"

    Reading University Student
  • "Felt very supported and listened to. Before, I've always been told to "get over it", but I was offered help and tools to counter those problems for the first time instead."

  • "The assessor was very kind and friendly. Was able to relate to what I was saying. They were clear and easy to understand in what they said."

    Kingston University Student
  • "This was very good the assessor truly understand what I was going through and what equipment I needed to support me in my learning."

  • "Professional and very friendly, instantly felt at ease."

    Queen Mary University of London Student
  • "The centre was very helpful and understanding"

  • "This was a fantastic assessment. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and all the advice and equipment that was suggested was really helpful"

    Birkbeck University of London Student
  • "Very competent assessor, informed me of what was taking place at every stage of the assessment, very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Looked into all aspects of my illness."

    Open University Student
  • "Professional, friendly, comfortable"

    Reading University Student
  • "Sean was fantastic! He completely put me at ease and made me comfortable and ensured I got all the equipment I required."

    Goldsmith's University Student
  • "The assistant on the day was super helpful, understanding and friendly."

    City University London Student
  • "very helpful and excellent service! highly recommended!"

  • "Excellent service, interviewed by a gentleman who helped me with my needs."

  • "Helpful, informative and confidence boosting."

    London South Bank University Student
  • "My assessor made me feel easy and comfortable during the assessment. She was/is very helpful."

  • "Assessor was very helpful in working out what I would need for my studies as I had very little knowledge of how my disability affected my work. He lead me through the scenarios and id'd where I could be helped efficiently. He was very kind and patient. My only comment would be that sometimes emails are answered a little slowly, which could be improved. The email responses, however, are very helpful."

  • "I felt completely comfortable straight away. I was able to answer honestly and with out worry, and my assessor was kind sensitive and reassuring. Thank you"

  • "Staff were extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable straight away."

  • "Really helpful, and I was offered sound advice."

  • "I found this assessment extremely helpful the assessor was very friendly and listened carefully to my needs. Thanks"

    University of Greenwich Student
  • "Excellent"

    Salford University Student
  • "Very easy to arrange and quick to respond to questions and queries. All staff members were friendly and helpful."

    Reading University Student
  • "Assessor was very patient and understanding of my needs."

    Imperial College London Student
  • "Easy and calm"

  • "It was a wonderful experience"

  • "Really friendly and the whole process was made comfortable.India was very helpful, I am grateful for her help. Would highly recommend this centre."

    St Mary Magdalene Academy Student
  • "I was provided with the best service and also the staffs were so professional."

  • "I can't fault the review I have for A2B Assessments, the staff I spoke to were kind and insightful and answered every question I had."

  • "I can't fault the review I have for A2B Assessments, the staff I spoke to were kind and insightful and answered every question I had."

  • "Clear friendly advice"

    Goldsmith's University Student
  • "very helpful, spoke with me about diagnosis, the help i will receive and how it will benefit me so i understood fully what was going on. very friendly, the assessment did not feel long as we spoke over each section which kept me interested and did not make me lose focus/concentration. very very grateful."

  • "The assessment was very thorough and respectful, I felt valued as a whole person and it's a good memory. The explanation and demonstration of the different aids available was a lot to take in at the end of such a long assessment, and when it all came through I found that some things were not appropriate for me or really not needed, and sifting through it all took time and energy. I also felt a bit ungrateful!"

    Roehampton University Student
  • "Competent and discrete assistance."

  • "The service is so awesome."

  • "Was nice and relaxed, made sure I'll get the help I need"

    London School Of Economics Student
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