Android Accessibility Updates

Accessibility has always been at the forefront of the Android platform and Google has recently implemented some Android Accessibility updates and added even more features. These are excellent additions for anyone to make use of, but especially people with disabilities.

Action Blocks

Action Blocks is a feature that has been in development for a while and finally it has been released to the public. This groundbreaking app allows users to perform complex actions with a single tap.  Using a widget on your home screen, you can program the widget to carry out any task on your phone.  Then with a single click the Action Block can repeat the task.

Action Blocks comes with a number of actions already installed and ready to use immediately. You can also create your custom actions for anything you can imagine. For anyone with a cognitive disability, Action Blocks can really make life easier.

Live Transcribe

 Google’s “Live Transcribe” application is also getting a few upgrades. A new update which allows the app to learn new specialised words, improves on what was already a very useful app. Google have also added functionality that allows you to search through all of your transcriptions for any keyword.

Another great feature is that you can set a keyword and then your device will vibrate when this keyword is mentioned. This could be extremely useful if you need to listen out for a specific topic or if you have a hearing impairment.

Voice Access

Android users who have motor or physical impairments can make use of the newly improved “Voice Access” app. The app is more fluid than ever and allows users to carry out basic functions on their phone using just their voice.

Previously apps used to just be numbered on your screen and you would say the corresponding number. With the latest update Voice Access recognises the app’s name, so you can be a lot more direct and just say exactly what you need.

Sound Amplifier

 Sound Amplifier would previously only increase the volume with wired headphones, but with the new update it will also boost the sound over Bluetooth.

Google Maps

Wheelchair users will be happy to hear that the latest Google Maps update allows you to show wheelchair access from the main screen, instead of having to hit a button and select it. A small but time saving feature.

You can download all of these updated app for free from the Google Play Store

Check out our full guide to Android Accessibility.

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