Understanding The Mental Health Of Young Adults

Researchers at the University of Exeter have started a new study to learn about the mood, emotions and mental health of young adults.

People aged between 16 and 22 years are to taking part by logging their feelings in a smartphone app. The app is designed to identify the behaviours of users, improve their wellbeing, prevent anxiety, and depression.

‘MyMoodCoachApp’ will provide cognitive behavioural therapy and self-help techniques to help users understand and handle their emotions. Aiding participants in developing resilience, building emotional and mental strength and improving their wellness.

The group of researchers will then use the data to gain a better understanding the mental health of young adults.

Why is this Study Important?

A growing body of work and research shows that depression and anxiety are a common problem among young people and the rates are fast increasing.

A recent survey that compared mental health from 2018 to 2019 found an increase in the clinical documentation of mental distress. From the results, the percentage of young adults suffering from clinical distresses has increased from 25% to 37%.

Data also shows that 1.25 million people between the ages of 17 and 19 (25% of the population) have significant anxiety and depression levels. Sadly, less than 1/3 of these people get any professional help.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a study by NHS Digital and the University of Exeter found that 13% of young men and 27% of young women between 17 and 22 years had a mental health disorder. This report shows an increase in the rate of mental health problems, especially among young women.

Depression is the most common of all mental health problems, with impacts that cut across every sector of a person’s life.

The only way to tackle this global challenge is to stage early interventions to promote positive mental health and well-being among young people. Engaging people with this app is a great step because it will reach them via a favourite medium of theirs.


How does the App Work?

The MyMoodCoach app will require users to fill in details about their emotions and moods every day, creating an overview of their emotional patterns. In some cases, the app will offer 2/3 of users the strategies to help them handle their emotional well-being.

For instance, if a person’s data report shows that they worry a lot, the app can provide such a person some strategies and self-help tips to manage their emotions and reduce worry.

The researchers will observe these processes to discover what elements in the app works best to help young people.


Research shows that helping young people to manage their emotions better will lead to a reduction in cases of anxiety and depression.

If we can help young people worry less, express their emotions, or develop more helpful mind-sets, we can reduce the rates of depression and anxiety amongst high-risk groups as much as 50% over the next year.

If this sounds like something you would find useful you can learn more and get the free app here… https://www.mymoodcoach.com/

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