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MindView is a mind mapping software that makes it easy to organise and brainstorm ideas with minimal hassle. Some of the features that make MindView unique are it’s collaboration options, project management features and MS Office integration. It’s designed to easily bring your ideas to life.

Professional MS Office integration

One of the top advantages of MindView is that you get immediate access to Excel, PowerPoint and Word templates. That means you can easily create a mind map within the app with templates, and then you can export it to Microsoft Office. It helps immensely if you want to plan out or write an essay in MindView as you can export it straight to a word document and hand it in with minimal editing.

Project Planning features

With MindView you also have the opportunity to create a project plan. You can split your plan into multiple phases if you want to. This is great for things like planning your revision schedule or a big task, such as your dissertation. MindView also allows you to transfer your plan into the prebuilt timeline or Gantt Chart.  

Colloborate with your peers

MindView also has a dedicated workspace where you can easily share your documents. This is great for group work for e.g. If you have to do a group presentation, you could plan it in MindView and then everyone could go away and complete their individual parts, resulting in a complete overview of the presentation all in one place.

Comprehensive mind mapping ideas

Another great benefit provided by MindView is the fact that you have all kinds of mind mapping features ready to go within the app. Aside from the regular notes and attachments, you also have legends, smart nav, pen mode, bookmarks, predictive text suggestions, high contrast, custom style design, automatic citation generation, relationship lines, visual customisation, access to the WorldCat Source Library and many others. It really helps a lot if you want to create complex mind maps, as everything is there for you and all you need is to test it out and give it a try yourself.

Calculation on maps

The MindView mind map software also has calculation-on-maps, if you need to work with statistics, math problems or algorithms. It helps display and calculate numbers on branches. MindView also has complete Excel integration

Visually Engaging

MindView has a catalog with 1500+ clipart illustrations. This helps make your mind maps more appealing by bringing that information to life. There are also multiple map styles you can pick from, based on what template you choose to work with. Having access to external resources like sounds, videos and pictures also comes in handy and it makes the entire experience a lot more interesting because of it.

Connecting multiple mind maps

MindView is one of the few software tools that allow you to create mind maps and also connect them between one another. The interesting thing here is that you can add hyperlinks that will guide you directly to the branch connection in another document. This allows you to have very complex mind maps that span multiple files.

Getting Started With MindView

Following the video below is a great way to get started with MindView…


MindView is one of the best mind mapping tools that you can find on the market at this time. It’s really easy to use, very professional and it offers you a huge range of mind mapping features. Overall, it’s an extraordinary tool to organise your ideas, plan and create your work.

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