How Tyson Fury Overcame His Depression

World Boxing champion Tyson Fury is a man that has triumphed over both mental and physical obstacles, and he maintains that his ongoing fight with depression is the toughest battle he has been involved in over the course of his storied career.

He said in an interview “The battle I continue to fight with myself on a daily basis is the hardest opponent I’ll ever face in my life,”

As one of the more prominent voices advocating for mental health awareness, the 30-year-old is committed to spreading knowledge about mental conditions and spelling out a clear path to help for individuals who feel they may need it. Fury understands that mental illness can affect anyone of age, gender, or physical fitness, and is committed to removing the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

How did Tyson Fury overcome his depression?

Fury states that the structure in his training routine and his return to active boxing played a significant role in helping him deal with his depression.

He said in one interview…”A structured routine in life is key – having short-term and long-term goals. I advise living a healthy clean life. What good is drinking? It poisons the body. There is nothing better than getting in the gym and getting the endorphins going.”

When interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast he said “I think the way to beat mental health is setting goals, giving yourself short term and long term goals.” Further in the conversation he said “I don’t suffer from mental health when I’m active and I’ve got a goal, if you suffer from mental health problems you tend to suffer when you’re on your own and you have a lot of time to think, but when you’re busy on a daily basis you don’t have much time to think about mental health.”


What you can do if you are feeling depressed right now

Be Social

Being outgoing can significantly improve your mood. Having connections with family and friends you can turn to when your mood takes a turn for the worse is the best way to deal with depressive episodes.

Move It! Move It!

Some studies show that physical exercise can help improve your mood. It is said that Exercising releases endorphins that are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your mood.

Structure Your Life

Depression sometimes presents as a negative spiral in which you fall into more negative habits. When you have a routine, you’re less likely to spiral. As mentioned above Tyson Fury found when he was busy day to day he didn’t have time to stew in negative thoughts.

Don’t Be Scared

Fear makes everything worse. It is understandable that you may feel like you just want to lock yourself in your room, when you’re in a low mood, but this shouldn’t prevent you from taking the most important step, and reaching out to people that can provide the assistance you need.

Cut Down On The Drinking

Alcohol may serve as a coping mechanism, and often only serves to transiently relieve the symptoms but the underlying problem still remains. Read our blog post on how alcohol affects your mental health.

Eat Healthy

Aside from the role proper nutrition plays on mental health, people who are depressed may either abstain from food and become underweight, or become indulgent and put on more weight than is healthy. Eating a healthy diet will promote a healthy mind as opposed to eating junk food and rubbish.

Jump In A Cold Shower

Another safe activity you can indulge in that releases the much sought after endorphins is the cold shower.


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