Freedom – Distraction Blocker

What Is Freedom?

Freedom is an all in one distraction blocker that you can use to block distractions in all your devices regardless of whether you are on a Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or computer. You can block any website or application for a set amount of time, ensuring you can work without any distractions.

When you need to focus, all you need to do is create a Freedom session and then proceed to block all the distracting websites. Or if like me you like to be productive in normal working hours you can set up a recurring schedule so you can block social media, shopping sites, YouTube etc during the day. 

Can I just turn it off and view the blocked websites anyway?

Freedom comes with a locked mode for people that tend to be highly susceptible to distraction. In locked mode, you are prevented from closing Freedom whilst a session is in progress. Given that it comes in different versions for all your devices, you can block distractions everywhere, and get down to doing productive work.

General Pros of Freedom

  1. Blocks Distracting Websites – Whether it is YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, Freedom allows you to block an unlimited number of websites and get focused on what needs to be done.
  2. Blocks Apps (this feature is unavailable on iPhone) – It not only blocks websites but also apps which are the main way that you waste time when you are on the phone or computer.
  3. Blocks the Internet – If you wish you can block the entire Internet so that you cannot have access to any distracting websites. This is great for improving your sleep by blocking the internet after 9pm or so to help you wind down.
  4. Custom Blocks – You get the ability to blacklist and also to whitelist websites. This means that you can block distracting websites and allow access to websites that you may need to use while studying.
  5. Locked Mode – Gives you the ability to prevent yourself from ending a session by preventing you from changing the settings of scheduled sessions. This will help you keep focused and committed to your goals and break bad habits.
  6. Sync Blocks Across Devices – You get the ability to block distractions on one device and have them blocked on all your devices.

How To Implement Freedom To Help With Your Studies

Freedom is used by more than 750,000 professionals that include writers, software developers, researchers, editors, executives and marketers looking to improve their productivity. As a student in a world full of distractions, it is critical to have a way to enhance your willpower and increase your focus and productivity on autopilot. The following are some of the reasons to use Freedom.

  1. Distractions are Habit-forming

It can be easy for the non-procrastinator to say why not just quit or turn it off but that is not how it works in the real world. The modern student’s brain is bombarded with digital distractions designed to give dopamine hits that the brain cannot get enough of. The tiny hits can keep you coming back for more unless you have a system of turning them off.

  1. Multitasking Reduces Your Productivity

While multitasking has always been touted as a positive thing, research shows that people who multitask tend to be less productive. You cannot get much done when you have opened Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a Word processor. 

  1. Willpower is Finite

Just like other resources that you have to power up your life, willpower is finite and will get exhausted. You typically have the highest amount of willpower in the morning and it will deplete over the course of the day. Ignoring distractions uses up willpower and with the world increasingly digital, the resource is used up ever faster. The best way to prevent this drain of willpower is to use an automated system such as Freedom. 

Where to get Freedom and How to Install It

You can get Freedom from the app store of your specific device or from the Freedom website at


The Freedom app can make you a more productive, healthier and happier student. With Freedom, you can regain control over how you use your devices which will improve your academic life. Freedom will make it easy to focus on the things that are most important at a given time. Once you have accomplished the most important academic objectives, you can then go ahead and enjoy your social life on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp without feeling guilty.

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