Decision Day: To Study or Defer?

Today is the final day you are able to accept your place at University in September. Are you going to choose to study or defer?

UCAS has said there are still 65,000 applicants who have yet to make their mind up.

What is normally a fairly straight forward decision is being made harder by the difficulties COVID-19 has introduced.

With the social side of the University experience looking like it will be restricted come September, you may be faced with the reality that your first year will not be as you imagined.

However, at A2B Assessments we prescribe more to the glass half full analogy, rather than the glass half empty.

Some positives to consider:

Universities are doing everything they can to make this year as normal a University experience as possible.  By September this may not be too different from the usual experience. There will still be face to face classes, social events and pubs and bars will be open! The only real difference is that social distancing will likely be enforced.

Due to people deferring, there are more places available at some of the top Universities in the world. Be warned that it is possible the intake in 2021 will be much larger than normal and therefore places may be limited.

With online lectures and seminars everything will be recorded. This means you can can really make the most of your learning and re-watch any content that you found confusing or tough.

Decision Time

Whether you decided to take your place or not, good luck with whatever the next year brings.

If do decide to take your place and you have additional needs, then make sure you get your Disabled Students Allowance in place before you start in September. This can be imperative to your success! You can find all the details you need on our website here, and you can can also book your DSA assessment.

All the best,


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