COVID-19: Ideas For Exercise

This is a follow on article from our previous post on how to minimise anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s really important for both your physical health and mental health to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and keep moving. With gym doors firmly closed and access to the outdoors currently limited, maintaining previous fitness routines probably won’t be possible, however adaptation is the key, the following ideas for exercise should help…

Desk Posture

If you are working or studying from home and find that you are sitting at a desk for much of the day, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have a download with tips and hints about exercises and posture. Even if you are still busy, be sure to plan regular exercise sessions into your new daily routine. It can be done!

Outdoor Exercise

One of the government rules at the time of writing this blog is that one period of daily exercise is allowed outside of the home (check for latest guidelines), taking care to maintain the recommended minimum two metre, (6feet) distance from others. If possible, use this time to go for a bike ride, a jog or a stress reducing walk. The additional benefit of 15 to 20 minutes of daily exposure to the spring sunshine should also be enough to top up much needed Vitamin D levels.


Online Workouts

For those in self-isolation, there are a plethora of free online options for all age groups and levels of ability, ranging from armchair stretching exercises, gentle yoga sessions, pilates, aerobic exercises, weight/strength training and dance sessions. Try the NHS Fitness Studio for a great variety of ability ranging workouts. In addition, lots of gyms are also providing free online workouts for their existing members.

Celebrity Workouts

Celebrities are also bringing classes to your living room, Joe Wicks has a daily Instagram workout aimed primarily at children, but adults up and down the country have been joining in, these are uploaded onto his Body Coach TV Youtube channel.  The site also has an amazing variety of free workouts for everyone, pick one to suit! Davina McCall is offering a free 30 day membership to her website which offers a range of exercise options and advice about nutrition. You can sign up here, no card details required. Gabby Allen is also doing a HIIT workout every morning at 10 am live from her Instagram page.

The Nike Training Club (NTC) app has also made all of its premium workouts free until further notice, download here for iOS or Android.

If you are in isolation with others, encourage them to join in, you will be helping them to stay fit, it will be more fun and help to keep you motivated. Alternately you can access fitness sessions using apps like ‘Zoom’ where you can participate as part of a group or even find an online personal trainer. There really is something for everyone, find something you like at your own level, stay focused and enjoy!


We are still carrying out DSA needs assessments remotely. If you require this service you can book here.

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