Calm Harm Stops Self Harm

The Calm Harm app is an iOS and Android app developed by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nihara Krause. Using principles derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), the app teaches impulse control, emotional regulation and tracking of underlying triggers so that users can be more equipped to overcome the urge to self-harm.

Who the App is for?

If you are a student with mental health difficulties and you sometimes feel the urge to self harm then this app might be able to help. The app is designed specifically for young adults who are looking to be free of the physical and emotional pain of self-harm. 

How Calm Harm Works?

According to DBT, the urge to self-harm is like a wave that is most powerful at the outset and diminishes as the person resists it.

The app aims to help users to ‘surf the wave’ of self-harm, through a choice of several activities. The activities are in the following categories:

  1. Distract – The user can select a range of activities to distract themselves
  2. Comfort – The user can select from activities that provide comfort in times of distress 
  3. Express – The user gets to express themselves in several ways to relieve their feelings
  4. Release – The user provides several ways of releasing tension that they can use instead of self-harm

Self-harm can be an uncontrollable urge that is driven by a wide range of reasons specific to the individual. The app recognises the individual complexity in the nature of self-harm and provides a range of activities to suit different needs. 

Since what may work at one time may not work the next time, there are many activities to try out depending on the personality of the individual. The different activities are also categorised so that it’s easy to decide which one to use depending on the intensity of emotions being felt. The app works on an incremental strengthening of the users will.

Calm Harm also comes with additional features that include a list of resources, including country-specific hotlines and websites to gain access to material related to psychological health and social support to deal with family problems, self-harm, and associated issues. Users can also get to personalise their activities, keep a personal log, and maintain a personal emergency contact list. The list may include important people to call such as adults or friend that can offer support when they need it. 

With its multiple methods to release anger, to calm and to distract combined with the many resources the app offers, it provides a powerful toolbox to deal with the wave of self-harm when it arises. 

Where To Download

The App is available for free on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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