12 Tips For Reducing Exam Stress

We all know how stressful exams can be. We’ve all pulled frantic all-nighters, trying to cram the last bit of information into our skulls before the day dawns. We’ve all felt that desperation as we struggle to revise, trying to get to the end of our notes because it just might be part of the exams.

Well, that’s no way to live, and this certainly is no way to learn. Stress before exams have proven to be directly related to lower information retention and poor exam success rates. Which is why we have compiled a list of 12 tips for reducing exam stress:

  1. Plan, plan, plan. Structure your revision properly, no matter how close or far way the exam is. Having a revision plan will help you keep track of your progress and help you retain a sense of control as you study.
  2. Focus on the bigger picture. You can use mind maps to see how it all comes together.
  3. Take a break! Sometimes, we’re too focused on appearing to study even though we aren’t actually making any progress. Take a break, you’ll retain more that way.
  4. Schedule your revision times so that they’re short, convenient and fruitful. Work when you know your brain can accept new information, anything else is counterproductive.
  5. Avoid social media. Twitter and Instagram can wait until you’re done studying. You can use apps to restrict your access to social media sites while you study. Check out our post on the Forest app.
  6. Develop healthy sleeping habits. You need them even more when you’re studying and under a lot of stress. To learn more on the importance of sleep check out this fascinating podcast episode.
  7. Exercise if it helps you feel better, watch a movie if it doesn’t. Eat healthy, do something that rewards your brain for the effort it’s putting in.
  8. It may seem like a good idea at first, but caffeine can actually harm your concentration. Drink a lot of water and fruit juices instead.
  9. Have fun! Have fun! It’s so important we said it twice.
  10. Revise in a group. You’ll get more information and split up the burden of gathering materials that way.
  11. Avoid bad energy. Anxiety is contagious, study around people who obviously have a plan and are dedicated to constructive study.
  12. Take deep breaths. Don’t be anxious. This too shall pass.

Good luck in your exams,

A2B Assessments,

DSA Assessment.

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