DSA funding

Disabled Students’ Allowances – DSA Timescales

Step 1 – Applying for the DSA (this may take up to 14 weeks)

Complete your Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) application form and send it to your funding body. If successful, you will receive a letter (or email) advising you to arrange a needs assessment. It is important to apply early as the application process will vary depending on your funding body.

Step 2 – Booking and attending your needs assessment (this may take up to 15 working days)

Book your appointment at your nearest assessment centre. A2B Assessments have centres across London and Reading, meaning we can normally see you within 3 working days! 

Step 3 – Your needs assessment report will be written and submitted to your funding body (this may take up to 10 working days)

After the assessment, your assessment report will be written by your assessor and a copy will be issued to you and your funding body. 

Step 4 – Needs assessment report processing by your funding body (this may take up to 20 working days)

Upon receipt of your report, your funding body will review recommendations made in order to decide what support you are entitled to. An entitlement letter (email) will then be sent to you, this will outline the support agreed and detail the approved suppliers who you will need to contact to arrange your support.

Learn about the DSA assessment process.

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