DSA funding

Disabled Students’ Allowances – DSA Application Process

When can I apply for my funding?

The interval between applying for funding and receiving the appropriate equipment and support may be up to three months. It is therefore advisable that you apply as early as possible, if necessary, before the confirmation of your course. Please note that you can apply for the DSA process at any point during your course, even as it is drawing to a close, however if applying late you may not be entitled to all areas of DSA support.

Response from your funding body

Following the receipt of your application and requested documentation, your funding body will carry out a review to ensure that you meet all their requirements, after which you’ll be given one of three responses.

  •     Funding approval, with the requirement to arrange and attend a study needs assessment.
  •     A request for you to send further information to support your application.
  •     Application refusal.

Funding approval

If your application was successful, you will receive an eligibility letter both by post and on your online portal requesting you to arrange and attend a needs assessment appointment. 

Book a DSA assessment on our website.

Example Funding body letters

DSA Eligibility letter

Request for further information

If you are required to send additional information to support your application, don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t qualify for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), it could just mean that you didn’t complete your application correctly. In this case, all you have to do is follow the instructions of your funding body and respond as soon as possible. Any delay may affect when you receive your entitlement. 

Application refusal (you are not eligible)

The refusal of your application means that you are not eligible for the DSA process. You can choose to appeal this decision by contacting your funding body. Your disability officer may also be able to offer further guidance.

Learn more about the DSA timescales.

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