If you are unhappy with any area of your assessment process with us and wish to file a complaint, please contact us. You can do this via; email, phone or post.

We take all complaints seriously and deal with each case in a professional and non-confrontational manner. Any complaint made will not have a negative impact on your DSA entitlements.

1. Once we have received your complaint, we will acknowledge it within 1 working day via your preferred method of correspondence.

2. Centre management will aim to provide a detailed email response and work towards a resolution of your complaint within 10 working days, (this may be extended if further investigation is required). If it is likely to take longer than 10 working days, we will inform you of this.

3. ​If you are unsatisfied with our resolution after this process, you may wish to contact the disability officer at your Institution who will be able to assist you further.

​4. If you remain unsatisfied after contacting your disability officer, you may wish to raise your complaint with your funding body, who will be able to assist you further. Contact details for your funding body can be provided on request

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