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Brain in Hand review

We have provided this review should you be recommended Brain in Hand during your DSA study needs assessment.

Brain in Hand requires a licence subscription and is not free to use.

There are numerous mental health apps and many people usually think they involve meditation and soothing music. But we are going to talk about Brain in Hand, a digital self-management support system for people who need help remembering things, making decisions, planning, or managing anxiety. 

It’s not condition-specific but is often used by people who are autistic or managing anxiety-related mental health challenges. and helps people live more independently


Brain in Hand is tailored to users with mental health conditions, autism, or learning difficulties. For this group of users, certain tasks and decision-making can create a lot of anxiety

With Brain in Hand, users begin with a planning session with a specialist coach. This identifies the main goals, challenges, and useful strategies. A webpage and app is then populated with this information. This allows users to quickly access their personalised strategies when facing different daily tasks.

Users can track their mood with a simple traffic light system; red, amber, and green. If one red light or three amber lights are triggered within 24 hours, a 24/7 support team will reach out to the user to offer additional support.

Key features:

  • Users can plan and manage their daily routines
  • Users can record and manage levels of anxiety
  • Users can request help from trained professionals 24/7
  • User can access personalised coping strategies
  • Users receive prompts and reminders for important tasks


  • Achieve set goals and outcomes
  • Users feel supported
  • Increase independence through self-management
  • Data available for self-review and to support professional review
  • Users linked to their support networks
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